Basement and Cellar Conversions – Points to Consider

For those that have a basement or cellar area beneath their property, there is a great opportunity to convert this and update into a living space. A cellar is usually unused, or at best is simply a storage room, much like a garage or loft. Being under the ground, cellars are also extremely prone to damp and mould issues.

To convert a cellar, you are effectively adding a room to your property and there is no reason why it cannot be both a bright and important part of your house.

There are several things to think about before pushing on with a conversion project, not least finding a reputable basement and cellar conversion company. Always ask for references and quotes beforehand, so you are aware of the budgetary requirements. It is worth enquiring about the duration of the project too, as the work can infringe upon your living somewhat. To be prepared is to be of benefit to you.

The waterproofing of a cellar is one of the most important areas of the conversion process. If this isn’t done properly, then the problem will continue until it is rectified. The waterproofing protects all the fixtures and fittings, the internal structures of the wall and helps fight the deterioration of all materials within the cellar. The last thing you want is for your furniture and floors to start accumulating mould and damp spots. Cellars are very susceptible to this, given that they don’t have natural air ventilation and are closer to the earth’s moisture from groundwater.

If the damp is very bad, then there may need to be other solutions to get round the persistent problem. Certain water proofing systems can be installed, whereby drainage channels are created, so as the water finds a way to leave the location safely, without interfering with the property’s walls.

Other good tips to try and follow are to obtain a completion certificate from your local authority and to have a building inspector to come and assess the works. This will help when you plan to move and sell your home and in turn, gain the most amount of profit from the new works.  

To have a cellar conversion isn’t a simple decision to take, but a good conversion can add value to your home and also bring delight to you as an extra space. Cellars can be used as another bedroom or play room or even a bathroom.