Registered Plumber

A Gas Safe registration is a course that plumbers and other trades people sign up for in the UK. The registration was first implemented as a means of raising the standard of trades that can then be controlled by Gas Safe.

Being registered as a Gas Safe plumber is a symbol of excellence and something a customer can trust and have faith in. Without it, many potential customers may turn to someone else who is Gas Safe registered, as it is often a deal breaker. People these days do find it difficult to trust a trades person and plumber who don’t have a Gas Safe registration qualification. Therefore, it should be a very serious consideration to begin the application process as soon as you can, not least because it could well boost your job prospects.

To become a Gas Safe registered plumber, first it is easiest to apply through the Gas Safe website. This is an online application and you will need to give a variety of details about your employment history, background, references etc. You also make your payment at this stage and then wait for a response from Gas Safe.

 Once completed and references accepted, Gas Safe will then begin the inspection process, where by a qualified assessor will come and observe you whilst out on a job. This is a crucial part of your registration and will go a long way to proving your worth to the inspector, who will also watch your interaction with your tools, environment and customers. They will check the equipment you use as well and monitor the levels of work you complete.

Remember to have certain materials of proof, such as having all necessary insurance documents at hand. You will also need records of income, and any complaints you may have had in the past.

You will be required to answer some mandatory questions from the Gas Safe inspector and they will then go away to conclude your assessment. After several days, you should then find out if you have been successful in your application.

You will receive a certificate and membership card in the post once you have been successfully entered into the Gas Safe registration. You can then be a proud member and show your card to any customer as a way of showing your expertise. As a result of this, you will no doubt experience a larger potential client base and feel levels of trust towards you increase dramatically.