Characteristics of a good builder

Most people think that builders just require lot of muscle power and the ability to work outdoors. But this alone is not sufficient for being a good builder. A quality builder will be able to adapt himself to any kind of construction work and complete the task to perfection as per the plan.

To be quality builder, he/she must have certain qualifications. Here, we shall have a look at a few characteristics a builder needs to possess.


The first thing to look is to find whether the builder has a valid certification based upon his qualification in building trade. Make sure that the builder has got his insurance papers right.


The quality of a builder depends upon experience. An experienced builder will be able to do his task at a good pace and will have the capability in adjusting to contingency situations effectively.


A builder at work should not be succumbed to pressure due to work stress. He needs to keep his mind and body fit enough to focus on his task despite outdoor weather affects.


The rating of a builder depends on his loyalty. Loyalty of a builder is about punctuality, honesty and the working pace.


A good builder will certainly have a good reputation in any place he has worked earlier. A good builder will set high standards among the public with his work-ethics.

Selecting a quality builder is like "Building a house on the rock" whereas selection of a poor builder is "Building a house on the sand". Therefore finding reputable builders through trusted tradesmen might be a better idea to ensure that you build your house on the Rock.