How to Single Out the Right Tradesmen

Almost all homeowners would like to make their homes more energy efficient, appealing and functional, not simply because they can save money, but to reduce their carbon footprint and reap the benefits of advanced and state-of-the art technologies, all of which may also increase the ultimate market value of their home. It is, however, well known that home owners often experience difficulties whilst hiring and dealing with tradesmen.

This is because; many tradesmen don’t have the means or resources to give you the desired result. So, it is vital to consider few tips before you hire a tradesmen for your renovation or construction project. Keep reading…

A long list of recommendations attached to trusted tradesmen is a sign of success. Obviously, your friends and relatives will not recommend the one who is neither honest nor skilful. They will recommend considering their own experience. There is no better source than word of mouth. Another option is reviewing the tradesman listings published by respective trader’s associations on the internet. With the advancement of technology and betterment of resources, you can find a complete record of official and unofficial tradesmen in your area.

Enquire about their qualifications and certifications. Having qualifications, however, should not be a requirement, as some builders have years of professional experience rather than a certificate. Experienced tradesmen often belong to trade associations or professional bodies; to be sure,  contact these organizations and verify their membership.

If possible, talk to several tradesmen about the job in hand and get estimates on price and time scale. Compare the estimates and choose the one that befit your budget. Though it may be tempting to go for the cheapest quote, you may not get the quality work you need. Always try to reconcile a fair price with a good standard of work. Remember, cheaper doesn’t mean best value and expensive doesn’t mean best work.

Have background check. Check online reviews and suggestions contacting the previous clients. Ask the references about the customer service and experience they had with the tradesmen. If you didn’t get a positive answer, it is better to look for another tradesmen.

Asking for an Insurance Backed Guarantee is another strategy to keep you safe. In law, a guarantee is considered to be an agreement to provide some benefit for a period of time. In addition, guarantees provide surety, and that gives you peace of mind. After considering all the factors, get everything in writing. If your tradesmen chargse you more than the agreed quote, referring to a quote in writing will give a better legal standpoint.

Note: Make personal appointments and discuss face-to-face what your requirements are. You have to be comfortable with the person you’re working with.

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20th November 2013