Tips on Choosing Right Builder

The money that you will invest in building your dream home could probably be one of the biggest investments of your life and therefore, it is very important to hire a  professional builder. Working with a professional builder will undoubtedly help in giving you a quality home within your budget. Moreover, you can enjoy a hassle-free building experience.

The following tips will help you to stay away from cowboy builders and find a trusted builder in London for your  home improvements.

1. State Your Needs Clearly

Before you start your home improvements, clearly define your requirements to the builder and check if they can fulfil those needs. Such things as type, layout and design of the home, specific features and other architectural requirements.

2. Get Reference of Previous Clients

Ask the builder to provide details of recent clients he has worked previously. A genuine builder will not hesitate in providing details of his clients.

Contact these references  and ask about their experience with this particular builder, their attention to detail and level of  craftsmanship. Also, do not forget to ask whether their projects were completed on time and within budget. Based on their feedback, you can decide whether you should hire this particular builder or not.

3. Check If the Builder Is Registered with a Trade Organisation and Insured

It is always advisable to hire only registered and insured builders. You should be able to expect expect  quality workmanship and professionalism from a registered builder. Check with the Trade body and  verify that the builder is indeed currently registered with them.

Check if the builder has public liability insurance and provides a written guarantee on his work.

For larger projects, ask for a Insurance Backed Guarantee to be provided after the work has been completed as this insurance cover guarantees the builders guarantee, should he stop trading within the guarantee period.

4. Open Lines of Communication

Hire a builder who patiently answers all your queries, comes up with suggestions and provides best solutions to meet your needs.

5. Visit Completed Projects

Don’t simply judge a builder by cost. Quality workmanship, along with quality products and materials defines a quality building project. Tour some of the recent projects completed by the builder you choose. This is a good test to see for yourselves how much importance the builder gives to delivering a good quality job.

6. Check Online

Search online about the builder you have decided to deal with. You will get to know if any complaints have been registered against them. Another best option would be visiting forums. There are forums that are solely meant for builders where you can find positive and negative reviews. Based on the reviews, you can decide to work with the builder.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort” - Jane Austen. Consider the above tips and choose one of the best builders in London as it is an important  step in securing quality workmanship for your home improvements project .