Tradesmen Connect

Tradesmen Connect was formed to provide consumers, businesses and organisations access to suitably qualified and accredited local tradesmen and companies. The continued growth of online "find a tradesmen" advertising sites, many of whom require no checks  - or even basic reference checks, is causing concern to both consumers and the Government.

Trusted Tradesmen and Builders

The Trusted Members Service for Quality Tradesmen

The Tradesmen Connect service is provided exclusively by continually vetted members. The facility for potential customers to view previous work feedback, give feedback, view work videos and photos is helping our members to secure more work than ever before.

The Home Improvements Guarantee

The Home Improvements Guarantee can be provided by authorised members of Tradesmen Connect.The Home Improvements Guarantee is the ultimate home improvements guarantee available in the UK - protecting your home, family and finances.

Contractors Benefits

  • Guaranteed Payment-Improved cash flow, payment is guaranteed at the end of the project or by agreed stage payments.
  • Work opportunities from HIGUK enquiries. Our friendly support team at the Home Improvements Guarantee office is receiving new enquiries for builders and tradesmen for projects across London and the Home Counties.These enquiries will only be passed to approved contractors.
  • Tradesmen Connect members are approved contractors and are therefore able to offer this ground breaking new product and service.
  • Limited number of builders and tradesmen in each area means we are only interested in the best.
  • Available for any job or project above £2000
  • For more information visit the Home Improvements Guarantee web site.

Tradesmen Membership

Tradesmen Connect is not an open trade association, it only has a limited number of members/trades within a certain area.

By selecting only the best tradesmen and companies within an area, we can ensure our members provide the highest standards or workmanship and professionalism possible. Membership is exclusive, only after a visit by one of our area managers and successful completion of our accreditation process is membership offered.

Tradesmen Connect do not accept membership enquiries on-line and will not accept uninsured or companies with unsuitable references.

Tradesmen Connect
Where Reputations Count

A good reputation is hard to build for any tradesmen or company, and now, after having spent perhaps many years building that reputation the question many tradesmen are faced with is, how best to let potential clients know just how good you really are.

The Tradesmen Connect web site provides all the tools members need to both build and display that hard earned reputation and gain valuable new business. Some of the benefits include;

  • Exclusive membership
  • Unique search and view
  • Facilities for clients to view & give feedback on previous work
  • Upload videos or images for clients to view
  • Links to your web sites
  • Exclusive working areas
  • Members response to feedback display
  • Work generated by Tradesmen Connect

In addition to the above benefits members have access to their own exclusive membership area within the Tradesmen Connect web site. It provides members with many other support benefits including;

  • Letters of Accreditation
  • Deposit Protection Guarantees
  • Home Improvements Guarantee
  • Insurance Backed Guarantees
  • Neighbour Courtesy Cards - Marketing
  • SEO advice
  • Debt Recovery
  • Credit Checking
  • ISO Accreditation
  • Promotional Services
  • Web Design
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Marketing Assistance

You can find out more about membership and vacancies or buy the project by send an email here

Why not have a look at some members recomendation videos.